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About Jason


The Path to Healing

“So why Acupuncture? Like a lot of Soldiers, I sustained a few injuries: 5 herniation’s, a cracked vertebrae and torn hip labrum’s. I lived with chronic pain until I found Acupuncture. Also, Acupuncture, changing my diet and a specific type of detoxing helped me to get rid of Psoriasis. 

“I saw the ability of Traditional Chinese Medicine to bring a person into balance: Body-Mind-Spirit, allowing a person to truly Heal themselves.” 

“I meet someone where they are and want to help someone become the best version of themselves – I treat all conditions and have a personal passion in the areas of pain/physical injury, emotional support/trauma, digestion/self-nourishment and autoimmune conditions.” 


Jason Pyeatt, L.Ac

Jason Pyeatt, L.Ac is a licensed Acupuncturist in the state of New York. Before Acupuncture, he worked in Media Broadcasting and was a Public Affairs Officer in the Army, getting out of service in the rank of Major. He has a master’s degree in diplomacy and international relations with a focus in conflict resolution. Jason has a passion for self-nourishment and wellness, which led him to a nutrition school and to becoming a certified Functional Nutrition Holistic Health Coach.

Jason attended the Pacific College of Health and Science four-year master’s degree and two-year doctorate program in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Classical Acupuncture.