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About Acupuncture

You Deserve To Be The Best Version of Yourself:                                                          

Body – Mind – Spirit

The best version of yourself requires an equilibrium in both your physical and emotional body.

Acupuncture helps to restore a person to a state of homeostasis so you can heal. 

Acupuncture is typically known for helping with pain or physical injury,  but Acupuncture can help a person dealing with any possible symptom or condition.  

East Asian Medicine looks for symptoms of where a person is out of balance using a list of primary questions, physical symptoms as well as looking at your tongue and the Chinese Medicine system of pulse diagnosis. 

With Acupuncture, I focus not just on your symptoms, but on you as a whole and the root cause of the Dis-Ease. 

Two different people can have the same Western disease diagnosis, but need to be treated differently with Chinese Medicine.